According to company history, two non-entrepreneurs started the first Burger King restaurant more than 65 years ago in the USA (the state of Florida). K.Kramer and M.Burns had accumulated the necessary sum of money and have opened their first branch in Jacksonville.

Originally, the first services were associated with preparing hamburger meat and serving it with tasty buns. Interestingly, the founders mentioned above decided to open their fast-food chain after a visit to well-known McDonald’s. They were surprised with delicious and easy-to-go meals that cost not so much.

You probably noticed that these fast-food giants are still competing for world domination in the related sphere. Nowadays, the BK restaurant chain has a huge number of branches around the world and serves millions of people every day.

No matter what language you speak, whether Spanish, Chinese or English, you will be understood and served on the highest level.

Burger King Survey

Burger King Experience And Difficulties Faced

On the way of its formation, the company faced a huge amount of difficulties due to the peculiarities of the development of the needs and desires of customers, economic problems in the country, etc.

  • At the end of 1960th, company branches were evolving in their own ways and this fact has caused the entire company reorganization and creating a new brand name that is well-known all over the world
  • The company has been developing under the control of second owners till 1967 and then its chain had about 250 restaurants all over the US. Nevertheless, this brilliant business was sold to another huge company named “Pillsbury”
  • Due to imperfect and old-fashioned marketing techniques and inappropriate improvements, the new owner refused the company. It was sold again in 2002 for incredibly big money (approximately $ 1.6 billion)

TPG Capital has managed to create a perfect global business with billions of dollars of annual turnover that is popular among millions of customers around the world. It is worth mentioning only this juicy whopper and every second one will say that it is incredible.

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Despite serious competition in the field of fast food, this company was able to achieve unimaginable results. Just imagine, according to recent reports, BC owns approximately 16,000 locations across the globe.

Why do people love this company? It is obvious that because of the unique and original taste of all the dishes that are on the menu (starting from free whoppers and ending with delicious rustic potato chips).

What should I know about survey?

About Burger King Survey
  • The company is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service through a system of special surveys. The company offers its customers to answer various questions related to service, food quality, dishes that visitors want to see in the new season, etc. Also see about The ShopriteFeedback Survey here.
  • For such reviews and feedback, the company rewards customers with delicious gifts (we are talking about a free whopper, various personal discounts and so). For more details open your browser and fill in search line with a bk survey code”

Burger King Survey: Main Features And Detailed Instructions

It is fully based on your purchases and successful surveys you go through. You should know these facts:

  • You can access the survey by using codes printed on receipts that you have got in BK restaurants
  • Special validation codes (that are given after you answer the questions) are active within 2 days
  • You have to tell code to any operator to get a meal for FREE (you are allowed to choose certain whopper or any offered meal)
  • Any customer can participate in such a promotion once in a month

Do not throw away your checks after buying something in this restaurant chain, as you will miss the opportunity to eat without paying a cent!

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The Official Website Related To “My BK Experience Survey For Burger King”

The main related page can be easily found on the company’s official website. It is multilanguage so you are offered to work with English, Espanol, Russian versions, etc. On the other hand, you can easily open it through the link

Then you have to find appropriate fields on your screen (it will require you to provide some data printed on your receipt). Thus, you will be asked to provide such details:

  1. In the beginning, you will have to type a specific restaurant number you have visited (it can be also found on a receipt)
  2. Fill in appropriate filed with an original survey code which consists of 20 characters
  3. Use the button situated below to begin the survey procedure. 
  4. Give answers to all the questions that you will see (answer honestly, because the company is trying to make the service perfect and asks you to help with this)
  5. After the entire process, you will be shown a special VALIDATION CODE that will be your main argument to get one free meal in the future

Notice: you will be eligible to use the code in case you will buy any drink and a snack in BK!

Pay attention to the fact that you will be given a “jr” whopper which is smaller than traditional ones.

Basic BK Survey Rules And Restrictions

You need to familiarize yourself with the campaign participation policy to know about all the requirements for potential participants. Therefore, you should know that:

  • Your receipt should be original
  • The survey can be gone through during the 2-day period after your visit
  • Company members/their families are not allowed to participate in such a campaign
  • The website is compatible both with PCs and smartphones/tablets so you may participate on the go
  • Do not forget about one important condition — a free meal code becomes eligible when you buy any size drink and sides