Dick’s Survey Prize

Dick’s Survey Prize is $10 Off $50 or more spend Coupon. In exchange for filling the survey, the company offers its customers a coupon for $10 off in case of spending $50 or more for completing its survey. Also read about Pizza Hut Survey.

Dicks.com/Feedback Details

Here is a list of important details concerning the survey:
  1. The receipt is valid for 7 days.
  2. The amount of entries is unlimited.
  3. The purchase is obligatory.

How To Take The Dicks Survey Shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods
  1. Keep your receipt because you’ll need it to take the survey online. Go online. You have only 7 days to take the survey online using the link telldickssportinggoods.smg.com.
  2. In case your survey number is above 4000, go online to the Dicks.com/Tell Us site here telldickscombostores.smg.com.
  3. If you are a Spanish-speaking citizen, you can take the survey in Spanish going online to the website.
  4. When you finish the survey, save the coupon to redeem your $10 off coupon on your next purchase.

TellDicks Survey Rules

Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey Details
  1. If you want to take the survey, you need to make a survey.
  2. The survey must be taken within seven days.
  3. Have to go online to take the survey you need.
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About the Dick Company

Dick’s was founded by a man who at that time was just 18 years old.
The store ended up becoming so successful the owner was able to expand it to start selling all types of sporting goods in the near future. 

Dick’s children actually purchased the business from their dad in the early 1980s, so although it traded hands, it stayed in the Stack family, as it had begun.

Today Dick’s Sporting Goods is an extremely successful company where customers can leave their feedbacks and moreover, gives a great chance to get a reward.