If you want to apply for one of the best cards, and namely First National Credit Card from National Bank, you have to know all the pros and cons. Read more about Barclays Card.

The First National credit cards benefits:
  • No fee.
  • The customer has to pay only the interest rate. The interest rate depends on the Prime Rate. You will be said about your rate as soon as the card is approved.
  • If you make your complete payment on time, you can choose the option of the minimum payment.
  • Foreign transactions are just 2%.
  • In order to advance you the cash you need to pay $10.
  • Late fee is $25.
  • Returned fee is up to $25.
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The First National Bank Credit Cards

First National Bank Credit Cards

Platinum Edition Visa Card is for those who send money monthly and needs the lowest Apr. You don’t need to pay for the balance transfer for the first 15 billing cycles.


  • 1%cash back
  • 1%extra by redeeming your reward points
  • Total earning on all buyings is 2%


  • Customers who have good credit are not eligible for low-interest cards

If you want to bud a credit application for a Secured Visa Card, the pros and cons of this card are the following:


  • The deposit range is $300 to $5,000.
  • You can increase your credit limit in 7 months without any additional deposits. And your limit should match your deposit. The only rule for that is to make your payments on time


  • No interest if you depose money
  • No annual fee

If you are looking for big bonuses, this card won’t help you.

How To Apply For First National Credit For Card

First National Bank Credit Cards Applying
If you are interested in applying for any type of National Credit Card, just follow online website firstnationalcc.com or by mail ( Legacy Visa, P.O. Box 5097, Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5097).

FirstNationalcc Application Requirements

If you want to apply for a credit card from First National Bank, you have to be aware of its requirements. First of all, you should be 18 or 18+. Secondly, the client should have a perceive credit history. Thirdly, Social Security Number is a must-have. Fourthly, the applicant should be a citizen of America.