All residents of the country should understand that ignorance of the law does not relieve anyone of responsibility for various actions. This principle also works in the opposite direction – knowledge of the laws give you more chances to avoid various punishments (fines, correctional labor, imprisonment, deportation, etc.).

True Facts about Lawyers

A small percentage of the country’s population understands the legal framework and knows certain nuances in one way or another. Therefore, the vast majority of the inhabitants of our homeland refer to the services provided by professional lawyers regularly.

Even 10 years ago, the average annual salary could reach a value of 115-120 thousand dollars. To date, the amounts continue to amaze ordinary citizens who make no more than 45-50 thousand per year.

Often, lawyers are the actual saviors of the person whose interests they represent before the courts and the state. Thus, any details regarding the earnings of lawyers are always interesting to people, because these services cost a decent amount of money.

What Responsibilities And Difficulties Are Associated With Lawyer Profession?

Just imagine, each profession representative has to go through the most difficult path before starting work.

  1. 7 years of intensive study of a program that, by the way, is changing dynamically
  2. Very strict selection based on the results of exams and the many interviews necessary to confirm the competence of the candidate
  3. Moreover, everyone must be approved by the state attorneys collegium (the most important stage before obtaining a certificate)
Difficulties of Lawyer Profession

A lawyer deserves to receive such salaries as he is responsible for human lives or their money. A stunning amount of knowledge is not all the requirements because a good lawyer is also obliged:

  • To be disciplined and extremely attentive to minor details (as a rule, the solution to difficult problems can be found in small facts)
  • To improve his/her knowledge of the legal framework constantly and get acquainted with new laws and their changes earlier than others
  • To help the client regardless of his personal attitude/thought to client’s violations (lack of regret or contempt – a gift that is given to very few from birth)
  • To spend all his resources and energy on solving clients’ problems, because someone’s property or even freedom depends on the result of which the lawyer achieved
  • Be ready to help a person at any time of the day, regardless of the current conditions
  • Possess a rare ability to persuade and influence people to persuade them in favor of the client

The variety of areas in which representatives of this popular profession work is truly huge. Their law knowledge is in demand in businesses, administrative and tax cases, criminal litigations, ownership sphere and so on.

Are You Interested In How Much Do Lawyers Make A Year?

As in any other profession, your income will depend on the law field you work, the agency employed and your current position, work experience, location, etc.

Therefore, it is more profitable to provide services within a corporate sphere rather than work as a state employee. We have checked hundreds of official tax reports sent by lawyers to confirm this fact. If you compare the annual incomes of these two categories, you will see the difference of more than $40,000 per year!

If we consider to lawyers employed by a respected and well-known company, we will see amazing numbers — about $155-165 thousands.

** We took the income amounts of novices for the scientific clarity

We are immensely surprised by the fabulous earnings of “VIP and business lawyers” who defend the interests of wealthy and successful people for millions of dollars a year. Based on practice and anonymous interviews with lawyers, it became known that such professionals could earn more than $15-20 million. Many people cannot even imagine what such an amount of money looks like.

Nevertheless, the legal services market is very dynamic and filled with thousands of experts with various experiences and skills.

** Young lawyers are earning less in recent years than in the middle of this decade. This disappointing trend was caused by the ruthless market competition.

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The Experience Makes A Budget

This phrase was spoken by one well-known lawyer and it is impossible not to disagree with him. People are ready to overpay significantly for lawyers with many years of work experience to feel safe.

This cannot be called stupid as experienced representatives of this profession significantly increase your chances of avoiding punishment and state condemnation.

According to these principles, the average incomes may range:

  • An attorney who has been working for 0-10 years may get no more than 100,000 dollars for 12 months
  • Less than 20 years of experience — near $120,000
  • 20+ years of related experience is a straight ability to earn more than $140,000 every year

Besides, the salaries of state lawyers grow by 40% more than the salaries of ordinary civil servants with the same number of years of service.

** The indicators mentioned above are not official and cannot be adopted as a legal norm.

Does The Location Affect How Much Do Attorneys Make A Year?

It is normal that the location of your office greatly affects your total revenue. The richest lawyers are those who provide their services in resort and tourist cities, in the most populated states.

  1. DoC ($189,000-192,000)
  2. California ($170,000)
  3. Nevada ($168,000)
  4. New York ($165,000)

** San-Francisco, San Jose, New York, LA, Las Vegas, Hawaii are especially profitable locations ($165-180 thousand)

People who came to see America or those who have a business in the tourism/gaming industry, or simply those who accidentally broke the law – these are the customers who are ready to give hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for their freedom and the normal functioning of the business.