In order to receive the Citi Double Cash card, follow the recommendations below:

  1. It will take you several minutes to apply for the card.
  2. The approval of the card is not guaranteed because it depends on your credit history.
  3. To start the process, receive the invitation number. The invitation number can be received via mail offer.
  4. Prepare a document that says about your incomes. If they are high, you have a good chance to get the card.
  5. The code of your invitation can be found in the top right corner of the mailing offer.
  6. The application will take less than 5 minutes and a client will get an answer in several minutes. (NB: if there is some unclear information, a customer can get a call from an operator to clarify details.

Pay your attention that there is no cashback if you transfer money.


  1. In case of a card lost, call 1-800-950-5114.
  2. If you have some offers, call 1-800-325-5036.

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What is a Citi card?

 Citi Double Cash card
  1. Citi Double cash card is one of the best cards for cashback.
  2. Card points can be exchanged for cash in case of bills.
  3. 24/7 fraud information.
  4. 1% off the purchase.
  5. As against there are no limits for registration or applying for the Citi card. Instruction

  1. Call the Citi and ask to send you the invitation code.
  2. As soon as you get the Double Cash card, find Internet access.
  3. Go online to the URL with the credit card offer.
  4. Enter all the necessary information and send the offer.
  5. Now just wait! It will take several days. The Citi Double Cash card will be mailed.
  6. After receiving your card, start making purchases to collect some points.
  7. Make sure that your money buyings are stable so as to avoid long-term and boring point collections.