A worldwide-known brand Subway offers its customers a special card and today we are going to teach you how to register your Subway card correctly.

MySubwayCard Details

My Subway Card Rules

As to receive your Subway card correctly you need to be aware of the following details:

  • Every spent dollar gives you 4 tokens;
  • If you have 200 tokens, you will get $2 reward;
  • Surprise rewards are not on a daily basis. They happen periodically;
  • In order to receive reward points, you need either to buy something using the Subway application or enter your phone number.

MySubwayCard Rewards

Here is a list of rules that you need to follow to receive a reward:

  • You need to have your own MySubway card
  • Four tokens are equal to every dollar you’ve spent.
  • Two thousand tokens are equal $2 reward.
  • $2 reward can be spent at Subway.
  • In addition, the chain offers its customers something really entertaining: for example, “Surprise Rewards”. The magic of this prize is the following – you don’t know the reward.

How to get reward points when you make a Subway purchase?

  1. Scan your Card online using the Subway app to buy something.
  2. Swipe a card to make a buying.
  3. Give the Subway restaurant your phone number.

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Subway Today

About Subway

Subway is the largest chain of fast-food restaurants. It overtook even McDonald’s in 2011. The thousandth Subway restaurant was opened in 1987, and since 1990 more than 1000 restaurants around the world have been opening annually. Today, the company does not have its own restaurants, it only sells franchises. Entrepreneurs have awarded Subway the title of “Best Franchise for Young Entrepreneurs.” Such a system helps to develop not only a chain of restaurants but also young entrepreneurs to start their business.

Among its world-famous competitors, Subway holds the lead. Since the desire to open a business is born in everyone, and Subway gives such an opportunity.