The Del Taco Company Info

Nowadays there are more than 500 restaurants in the USA. So, in order to control the quality of service and always make its work better the chain created a survey where customers can leave their feedback about the restaurant and moreover get a prize coupon for participating in the survey. After filling in the survey you will have an opportunity to receive a coupon for a $1 off your next $3 purchase in the Del Taco.

How To Participate In The Del Taco Survey?

If you are a constant visitor or just a newcomer in Del Taco, pay your attention that first, you need to buy something. The survey can be taken an unlimited amount of time. The coupon that you will get after taking the survey can be expired.

Secondly, after purchasing something in the chain, save your receipt because you will need it later.

Thirdly, go online to my and enter your survey code (find the entry field on the survey homepage).

Fourthly, answer all the questions. Fifthly, keep the code you will be given so as to exchange it for the coupon.

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Del Taco Rules

The Del Taco Survey Details

As everything in this life has its rules and requirements, Del Taco Survey is not an exception. If you decided to participate in the survey, remember the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to purchase something in the chain.
  2. Keep the receipt.
  3. You can enter the survey homepage an unlimited amount of times.
  4. You can participate in the survey at any time you wish.

About Del Taco

55 years ago two men from California opened the first Del Taco restaurant where tacos cost only 19 cents while cheeseburgers price was 24 cents. In 1967 the owners started franchising the restaurant. The restaurant’s specialty is American-style Mexican food.