Panda Express Survey Prize

Panda Express Survey Prize is a free entree or other current offers printed on your receipt. A customer can take the survey online and by phone.

Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback Free Entree Item Full Details

Here is a list of important details concerning to the survey:

Panda Express Survey Details
  1. The receipt is valid for 2 days.
  2. The amount of enter is unlimited.
  3. The purchase is obligatory.
  4. Age is 18+.
  5. The entry method is online and by phone.

Take Panda Express Feedback By Online Entry Method

  1. Keep your receipt because you’ll need it to take the survey online.
  2. Go online. You have only 2 days to take the survey online using the link Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback
  3. When you finish the survey, save the coupon to redeem your free entrée prize.

Panda Express Survey Feedback By Mobile Phone 

  1. Buy something at the Panda Express restaurant.
  2. Keep the receipt.
  3. Call the survey hotline at 1-888-51-PANDA.
  4. Answer all the questions that you can see on your screen.
  5. Write down the survey code which they will provide you over the phone.
  6. Take your receipt to get a free entry item.

Panda Express Survey Rules

  1. If you want to take the survey, you need to make a survey.
  2. The survey must be taken within 2 days.
  3. Have to go online or use your phone to take the survey you need.

About the Panda Express Company

Panda Express Company

Panda Express, an American Asian food chain, is run by Andy and Peggy Cherng. Both came to the United States from Asia with their parents in search of a better life, went to university, but there was not enough money – Andy worked as a waiter in New York.

By 1997, the company had more than 250 points throughout the country, it sold a franchise, its annual revenue reached $ 170 million, and by 2001 – a billion.

Peggy admits that doing business with the whole family is not easy: disagreements arise periodically. But the founders of the company try not to argue about whose idea is better, but to look for a common path that will ultimately prove to be the most effective. Now the network has more than 2 thousand institutions in different countries of the world; more than 25 thousand people work in it.