The colossal marketing innovations and the efforts of all the employees of this company attract many customers every year. Why do people prefer these fast-food restaurants to other similar ones?

  1. Unusual dishes that will inflame interest in you with oriental culture and cuisine in general
  2. The number of dishes that you are offered to taste is so large that you can hardly look at them all in 1 visit
  3. Pleasant interior and harmoniously selected decor elements create a very cozy atmosphere and give a sense of peace
  4. Friendly managers and employees who respect each guest and are ready to help you at any time during your stay in the restaurant
  5. The menu is constantly changing depending on the time of year, Chinese holidays and the wishes of regular customers
  6. The opportunity to participate in a special survey organized by the company to improve its services and menu
Panda Express Feedback

Today we will tell you in detail about the last paragraph of this list, namely about the free survey that you are so interested in. A fast-food restaurant chain called Express Panda has launched an unprecedented feedback campaign. The conditions for participation are very democratic, so every client who has dined at least once in this place can take part. 

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Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback Free Entree Item — Enjoy Free Food

In short, each visitor has the opportunity to help the company development by providing a small number of answers regarding the operation of this restaurant chain. Every help should be thanked, so the restaurant will give you a unique code that gives you the right to get a free meal.

Obviously, such shares have certain conditions so that the company does not become the target of fraudsters and abusers of goods. What do you need to know about special codes obtaining conditions and their subsequent implementation?
  • You must purchase any product offered by any chain’s branch (it can be both meal or item)
  • It’s necessary to get a valid receipt and save it (you will be required to present a receipt to receive a reward certificate)

** It is better to take a picture to avoid problems in future

  • The validity of the code written on your check does not exceed two days from the date of purchase
  • A coupon received cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers
  • There are no limitations regarding the number of surveys you participate in
  • Participants cannot use the survey prize certificate as a payment method
  • You get the right to use the coupon only after purchasing two dishes during the same visit
  • There are two eligible ways to go through the survey and get a prize item:
  1. Via the internet
  2. By phone

** One customer is not allowed to use more than one valid coupon within a visit

What Should I Do With My Panda Express Feedback Code?

As already mentioned, there are two ways to go through the above survey. The first one — to answer questions via the Internet browser, the second one — to do the same actions by phone.

Online Participation

  1. Open the Panda’s official platform located at
  2. Enter the original number of the location where you were served in an empty field (data can be found on the check)
  3. Give all the information you will be asked
  4. Upon completion of the survey, a code will appear on your screen that you must write down on the receipt

Participate Via Phone Call

  1. Call their official number (it can be found on the website)
  2. You will have to answer survey questions by voice
  3. The operator will tell you the validation code you will have to save (you will see a clear field for such a reason)

Moreover, the survey organized by this company is the most profitable among similar ones due to the unlimited number of admissible participation. Other restaurant chains, for example, restrict people in this regard (many of them do not allow people to take surveys and receive prizes more than once every 2-3 months).

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About Panda Express

Pandas are incredibly cute creatures that bring many only positive emotions. At the same time, this animal is an unspoken symbol of the eastern countries and is a national treasure. However, is it possible to compare the symbol of this animal with the restaurant sphere? Of course!

In confirmation of this, the Panda Express restaurant chain has been successfully selling its products for almost 47 years and has a tremendous amount of cash turnover.

The predecessor of the modern brand was a small restaurant open by a married Chinese couple. These people launched their small food service that specialized in oriental cuisine almost half a century ago.

After some time, the founders concluded that it was necessary to change the specialization of the restaurant. Therefore, in the mid-1980s, they transformed their business into a completely new brand called Panda Express and opened the first location in California.

Today this business is very profitable, successful and serves thousands of customers every day. It owns about 2000 branches all over the USA. The family that founded this profitable business has long joined the ranks of America’s billionaires.