Visit the famous survey of the Taco Bell after having your meal so as to have a chance to win $500. Moreover, you can win it even without having any breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Taco Bell chain. And read about Panda Express Survey too.

Taco is a chain that always tries to improve its service and forever moves with the times that’s why being a customer of this chain you can easily enter their online sweepstakes so as to have a chance to win $500.

TellTheBell Survey Prize And Its Details

There are 4 prizes that you can win per entry period but be attentive that the limit of the prize is 1 prize per family. The place of getting the prize is Columbia, US. A winner has to be either 18 or 18+. The sweepstake is held for 1 week.

On the receipt, you can find the survey code that will contain 16 numbers. If you don’t want to buy anything but still have a wish to participate, you need to follow the mail instructions below but pay your attention that you want to be able to enter online.

The Taco Bell Survey Entry

Follow the and use your receipt and the code on it so as to start the survey online.
Taco Bell Survey Rules

In case if you don’t want to have a meal at Taco Bell, use the mail-in entry. In order to participate write your first name, city, zip code, state, address, and date of birth on 3X5 sheet of paper. Then mail it in a business envelope to the following address:

Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield MA 48325 PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield MA 48325 Winners

Four winners are selected in random order. All the winners will be informed about their victory by telephone or mail. The list of the winners will be posted at the

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Taco Bell in Australia

Australia has a special program on the App made by Taco. Firstly, sign up, then invite friends to the App and get a free meal on your Birthday.

Taco Bell Company History

Being a twenty-year-old man Glen Bell became a founder of Taco Bell. This young man started his way to the founder of Taco from selling simple hot dogs in a stand. Across the street, there was a taco cafe that was extremely successful and observing its success Glen decided to copy it by inventing his own taco recipe but unfortunately, it didn’t shoot.

Taco Bell Company Information

Having failed Glen asked the owner of the famous place Milta Cafe to allow him to spy their taco recipe. Surprisingly, the owner allowed not only to observe the recipe but also told him how they make tacos.

In 1951 having given up the idea of selling hot dogs, Glen Bell opened a new stand with tacos but with another name as taco tia.

In 1962 Glen opened his first Taco Bell restaurant. It was a very successful idea and in 1964 the first franchise was opened. A few years later Taco Bell restaurants became the fastest food chain.

Since 1978 Pepsi has owned Taco Bell. Taco food is a burning issue for those who are against genetically modified ingredients but the classic Taco Tia recipe reminds the majority of customers of their childhood.