Any Kodak printer today is operated only in conjunction with a personal computer (whether stationary version or laptop). That is why this technique can not be considered some kind of isolated, it must always be connected to the computer, and therefore can not work without software – a special set of programs that can control the printer and coordinate the work of its individual nodes.

Printer software

The software, in other words, is called a driver, for each model of equipment manufacturers produce their drivers. It is quite clear that the drivers for equipment from different companies differ, and it is not possible to install a different program for a certain model of equipment. Install programs and monitor your Kodak Verite Printer Drivers are usually shipped with the printer, they are written on a disk that you want to insert into the drive and run an automatic installation-often everything is very clear even for a novice user.

Kodak Printer Support Software

You cannot ignore the installation of drivers, because this way the computer communicates with the printer, gives commands to print documents, scan, copy, and so on. It is due to the commands from the computer, which is transmitted through the software, there is a paper movement, and the movement of the cartridges, and the application of the image on the sheet. The program also monitors the presence of paper in the tray, the ink level, and so on. Without installing the driver, the printer often simply does not work, in other situations, it does not work correctly. Therefore, installing the driver should be a priority after connecting the printer to the PC.

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What if there is no driver?

Printers without a driver are almost never supplied, except maybe some falsified devices or used printers, for example. However, people are still quite often faced with the fact that they can not find the proper software. Why? The answer to this question is quite simple: you need to install the driver not only after buying a printer when the disk is at hand and is unlikely to disappear somewhere but also after reinstalling the software of the computer itself.

Kodak Printer

If you decide to change the operating system, then remove the drivers with it, but it is not always possible to find a disk in such situations. There is only one way out – to look for drivers in the vast network, it is important to find the latest version of the program for your model of equipment. Therefore you can always use the online server, download and get all the necessary software for your device.

Search better by manufacturer, and then by model, quite a lot of sites offer drivers for all equipment, but it is best to use the official site, to avoid possible problems with the future installation of drivers. It will also protect your computer from possible infection by viruses from unscrupulous software vendors on third-party services.