We are sure that you are dealing with a brand called Kroger that has a huge number of restaurants throughout America. In general, this brand is very successful and sells its products to millions of satisfied customers every day for decades in a row.

Kroger Feedback Sweepstakes

The Kroger Company is a large supermarket chain specializing in the sale of all kinds of goods. The brand was founded in Ohio over 120 years ago. During this time, the company managed to win its place of honor in the American services market.

According to statistics, the company’s annual cash turnover is more than 55 billion dollars. If we mention its market position, Kroger takes the second position in the list of USA trading giants (the first place belongs to the world-famous Walmart network).

It is unlikely that people do not know the factors of such tremendous success – customers return to these supermarkets repeatedly because of quality products and relatively low prices.

Today we will try to tell you in detail about the special system of customer surveys and related lotteries, about the rules of participation and prizes that you can win. 

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www.krogerfeedback.com Customer Satisfaction Survey Details And Its Purposes

The company’s marketing directions are strongly based on this campaign and its influence on customers. They have been holding such events and sweepstakes for decades. In general, these monthly tricks helps the company to:

  • maintain the buyer’s interest in the brand and attract new people wishing to buy company products
  • receive gigabytes of useful information regarding the shortcomings associated with the menu, service and other elements of work.

** This item is especially useful as the company devotes a lot of time and effort to improve its services. As a result, it has a customer base of millions of customers and envy of competitors who do not use such techniques.

KrogerFeedback.com Monthly Sweepstakes Details
  • to attract public activity and attention to their brand (this will obviously help this market giant to take first place among competitors within a few years)
  • to invest money spent on gifts and certificates as well as possible (in this way the company does not give this money to various marketing agencies that bring very doubtful results)

A Detailed Review Regarding www.krogerfeedback.com Bonus Fuel Points, Other Prizes And Steps Required

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the prizes that you can win by participating in this campaign. By the way, the total fund that the brand gives to the winners is approximately $ 15,000. Unlike other similar stores/restaurant surveys, which main rewards are goods of various companies, the company gives people money coupons. These points can be used as a payment method in the chain’s stores. 

Therefore, you have a chance to be rewarded with:

  1. A winner coupon that is worth 5000 dollars (it will be sent to only 1 person)
  2. A 100-worth coupon (there will be one hundred lucky participants who will get it)

Am I Eligible To Participate In This Draw?

The Kroger brand prescribed all the conditions for conducting and participating in this survey. If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have the right to become a participant (you can participate, of course, but you will not be able to claim a prize).

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Kroger Store

Please note that the number of your purchases does not affect the chance to win!

Thus, you have to:

  • be a legal US resident (there is also a list of 47 states + DoC taking part in)

** People from NY, Rhode Island, FL are not allowed to take part

  • be not younger than 18 y.o.
  • have an original receipt that you have got for purchases made in Kroger store/ gas station
  • to be literate in any of the two languages of the site interface (en or español)
  • your receipt can be used to go through the survey within a week

** A unique invite to become a participant also gives you the right to try your luck

For your information, company employees, members of their families and other companies collaborating with the brand cannot be participants!

What Do I Have To Do To Go Through The Survey Mentioned?

Use any device connected to the Internet to enter the official site. Click on the thematic tab and you will be redirected to the survey’s main webpage. Here you will have to:

  1. provide a unique survey code that can be found on a receipt (it consist of 15 characters)
  2. fill in all the appropriate fields with data associated with your visit to Kroger Store/Gas station (you will be required to provide there an accurate date and time you have got a receipt)
  3. Click on the button located below to begin answering questions
  4. After completing the survey, you will need to enter information regarding communication with you (valid e-mail, phone number)

**This piece of information is needed to notify you in case you will be a winner

Have You Heard About Krogerfeedback.Com Fuel Points?

As already mentioned, the brand also owns more than 1,400 gas stations in all of the United States. If you refuel your cars there, then you should know about the bonus reward system for such purchases. This is a great opportunity to save thousands of dollars on fueling your vehicles every year.

The Kroger fuel points program offers members of the brand club to experience all the delights of cashback services and save up to $ 1 for each gal of fuel purchased.

  • Do not forget – the points earned have an expiration date that is set by the end of the next month after you earned them.

** You may earn fuel points in case you hold a “KROGER SHOPPER” card (what is more, this type of card can be also utilized to save money on other kinds of purchases).

  • Earned points can be used to get discounts when refueling your vehicles for refueling a brand or other participating in this campaign. The minimum number of points to receive a fuel discount is 100.

To view the available points and other offers you need to download the official application on your smartphone or tablet (it is compatible with modern iOS and Android systems).

  • ** 10 points are one-cent discount per gallon, 50 points are 5 cents and so on. According to the rules of discounts and savings, you cannot get a discount of more than 1 dollar per gallon!

Nevertheless, most companies set a limit of 10 cents discounts. Check with operators for details to avoid misunderstandings. Read about Rebate  Center too.