How to take the MyKFCExperience survey? Firstly, you should have a computer or a mobile device. Then verify Access to the Internet. There is a comprehensive instruction below:

  1. Make an acquisition at a KFC
  2. Keep your coupon
  3. Fill out the necessary information on the KFC website.
  4. If you are a traveler and the country of your visiting Philippines, for example, you should go to the Philippine’s KFC website.
  5. Keep your coupon code and hurry to take advantage of before its termination to get your gratis award.
Official KFC Survey Rules

MyKFCExperience Survey Prize

There is a magnificent capacity to obtain a certificate for a free hen go, which acknowledges making a good selection of a free of charge popcorn chick, hen wing or a dig amount of chicken meat. One of the conditions of receiving this prize is necessary to buy a drink on the following visit.

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KFC Free Go Cup

KFC has always done everything for its customers. Realizing the need to fully satisfy their customers, they come up with a project called Go Cup. It is aimed mainly at car drivers, where they can take advantage of the so-called cups without the help of hands, holding them in a special cup holder.

The Cup has placed a variety of tastiness from the KFC menu, such as chicken, French fries and more. All types of dishes are separated by a special partition that prevents the mixing of products. It’s very convenient.

KFC Free Go Cup Details

Go Cup service is paid, but KFC offers customers not to miss the opportunity to get free Go Cup according to the developed procedure. 

To do this, you need to save the receipt after making any purchase in KFC, go to the official website of the restaurant and enter the necessary information ( date and time of purchase, receipt code, etc)

After passing this operation, you should visit KFC again to show them the receipt, which has an encrypted code. It will allow you to receive a FREE GO CUP.

Contact KFC

If you want to contact a KFC manager and discuss My KFC Experience survey, there is a phone number: 1 (800) 225-5532.