If you want to submit a rebate online, you must visit www.mypromochoice.com website of My Promo Choice. This site offers every client to make instant submission of the rebate and checking the status. The website is powered by Digitalelephant Productions.

This website design makes sure that users will have no complications or problems. So if you want to become a member and find more information about the Costco rebate program, you should read this article to be provided with all the necessary information about this rebate.

My Promo Choice Rules

MyPromoChoice Rebate

Have you ever known that you can receive free gifts from Castro as like: products, coupons, season offers, sales? Nowadays, Castro offers the exclusively available present, every member can win 1,500$ cash. So don’t lose time and link at mypromochoice.com and make only two clicks and submit online your rebate. People even don’t need to go in person to the store to make a submission, they can easily submit it online. The service is similar in use and takes only 1 minute. Clients only need to fill in their promo code and some additional information. This similar operation avoids you from waiting in the queue and saves your precious time. Read about Buy clothes in Old Navy Stores.

For example, if you have bought a device from the Costco store, you can submit a request in MyPromoChoice rebate and obtain significant benefits. So, now you can persuade that the MyPromoChoice rebate program is directly linked with Costco supermarkets.

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How to Submit Rebate online

Here is shared some restrictions and instructions which will help you to make an instant submission. Follow these steps to make everything correct.

  1. Utilize your web browser and visit www.mypromochoice.com
  2. On the top of the screen will be a button “Submit a Rebate” – press it
  3. You’ll be redirected to the submissions section
  4. Fill in your Promotion Code in the corresponding field
  5. Your promo code will be on your purchase check 
  6. Then, click on the “Next” button.
  7. Now you need to fill in all your purchase credentials
  8. Enter your valid the IMEI Number( it must be appropriated with your permanent wireless number)
  9. The form which you obtained after your purchase must be similar to your wireless number and promo code.
  10. Write your name and surname
  11. Add additional information such as email information, your personal address, and date of committed purchase
  12. After this, you can check your current rebate status     

Some words about Costco

Costco is a network of American supermarkets located throughout the country. It is the world’s largest network of club-type self-service warehouses, the fifth-largest retailer in the United States.

These stores are unusual in that they sell in large numbers big packages, cans, and bags, but it costs much cheaper since, in essence, it turns out to be wholesale purchases. In general, Costco focuses on selling products to a limited number of manufacturers at minimal prices. To make purchases, visitors need to order a paid membership card. About 35 million people have membership cards. Moreover, Castro has stores in 10 countries worldwide.

Contact information

  • Call to free 1-(800) 220-6000 number
  • Visit the official website of MyPromoChoice and read the FAQ

All in all, utilizing the website www.mypromochoice.com, customers can easily submit their rebates and view their status online by any computer or phone with a browser and internet connectivity.