Monopoly Game is a well-known classic board game that is introduced today in different varieties. Nowadays even old games are trying to be flexible for its customers because the majority of them are digital natives. Play Monopoly Game Online is a classic game that will allow you to win a prize.

Play Monopoly Game Online — The Code Entry

Online Monopoly Game login

In order to receive an opportunity to win a set of prizes, you need to enter a code. There are two ways how you can get the tickets for the monopoly game: the first one is you need to buy something, the second one is not so easy but possible – via mail of the US. In case you want to receive a ticket without purchasing, just write to the address that you will find below:

MONOPOLY Game Ticket Request, Attn: Promotions Coordinator, P O Box 965068, Marietta, GA 30066

While purchasing all people who want to participate in this game they have to take a Monopoly Collect & Win game board. This board is necessary for tracking the game pieces ( you need to collect all these markers that are printed under the prizes, then enter this code on Online Play Game and you have a chance to win a prize).

Pay your attention that you can receive a prize form online in pdf.

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Play Monopoly and Win

Monopoly Play Online

Everyone can participate in the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes have thirty-nine drawings, grocery cards for $1000, moreover there is the Grand Prize ($15000). The total value of the sweepstakes is $54000.

In addition, you can win different presents from Play Monopoly Collect and Win. For example, BigJoe Grill & Groceries. It costs $ 2500. It will be given as a gift card. There is also a possibility to win a new car that costs up to $35,000, a vacation home valued at $50,000 (most people will most likely want to make this their permanent home), and an LED HDTV.