We are sure you have heard about this pharmacy company or even purchased the products it sells. It is so loved among US residents due to reasonable prices and high-quality drugs that can be purchased via any modern payment methods. This company has been improving its services and business strategies for 58 years. Therefore, it can offer each customer a brilliant service.

However, there is nothing ideal in the world but this store chain is trying to be so. It has started a special “rite aid survey” that may interest you. 

Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey

In general, you have to help the company with your customer experience and it will reward you with participation in a lottery. Thus, the organizer can pay sufficient attention to urgent business problems and concentrate its resources correctly. On the other hand, you get a chance to become a potential winner and get a certain sum of money for a piece of information.

The Official Requirements Associated With RXSURVEY Participants

First, you need to read the requirements for the candidacy of potential participants. If you do not fit at least 1 point, then you should not waste your time reading the information below.

  • People under 18 are not allowed to participate
  • You should live in America under legal conditions
  • It is an obligatory condition to have an original receipt of a purchase made in any Aide Store (this is a must-have in case you are going to register yourself via the Internet)
  • Company employees (their families) are not allowed to be participants
  • People who live in FL are not able to take part!

** A US Law may ban a survey in certain locations due to legal reasons.

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StoreSurvey Terms And Steps Required

According to the policy of this event, each client has two options for participating in this draw. Thus, you can try your luck after the registration procedure. There is one optimal way — via the web platform. You have to visit a survey’s official website and enter your receipt code. Then click on the button situated below.

Answer all the survey’s questions and help the WeCare program all over the world. In the end, you will be asked to provide some personal details to become a lottery participant (you may register codes max 3 times per month)

** The online platform has two different interface options created on EN and Español languages.