This world-famous company has been providing its services and selling its products for about 70 years. Originally, the company owner has opened the first branch in 1950 in the state of Arkansas.

It is a big success that the company founder has decided to develop a store chain due to huge money turnover and customers’ demand.

Sam or the “Walmart father” decided to open the second branch in 12 years after the first company workday.

We do not think that it is necessary to admit that it was a brilliant decision, as most of you know about this huge company that is a part of your daily life.

This may seem commonplace, but the success of this organization is due to low prices and good quality products. This advantageous aspect attracts hundreds of thousands of happy customers every day.

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Walmart Survey Sweepstakes 

Walmart Survey Sweepstakes Results

According to the rules of the draw, there are a certain number of winning certificates. The company gives more than 80 thousand dollars during each lottery. Therefore, you should try your luck as:

  • 5 random lucky customers get tickets worth $ 1,000
  • In addition to these 5 people, another 750 participants will receive the right to use a coupon for the purchase of goods for $ 100

Entry Survey Walmart Conditions

  • one participant can be enrolled in the drawing no more than 78 times throughout the lottery period
  • new lucky ones are randomly selected once in 3 months
  • these people are usually informed in different ways: via phone or mail services, the company’s official website, etc.

How To Become A Walmart Survey Sweepstakes Participant?

The instructions are pretty simple so you will need a few minutes to become a participant. All you have to do:

  1. Buy any product at Walmart (do not forget to take your receipt).
  2. Use the receipt to access the online survey.
  3. Go through it and provide all the data needed online.
  4. You are great! Now you have to wait for results.
Walmart Survey Sweepstakes Participant — Available For Everybody!

What is more, everybody can become a member of such a lottery without making any related bought. Thus, people are allowed to register as participants via the Internet or via mail.

Registration Through The Internet/ via Mail

Unlike competitors, this chain of stores provides everyone with the opportunity to apply for participation via the Internet. Visit the official website of the company and find the corresponding section there. As mentioned earlier, you only need to give answers to questions regarding the work of the company, the services provided, tips for improving the level of customer service, etc.

You may send an mail to Q1 Walmart Sweepstakes, PO Box 10427, Rochester, NY 14610 to become a sweepstake member. This mail should consist of your personal data (ID, name, place of living, etc.). The Official Website Page

In case you open the official online page associated with survey you should know that you are offered to use various language versions (English and Spanish ones are available at the moment). Choose the appropriate language and get familiarized with the info below. 

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Sweepstake And Survey Terms And Conditions

  • a participant must be at least 18 y.o.
  • only US, DoC, Puerto Rico citizens are allowed to participate in
  • any types of company members are banned to take part
  • take to note that the company does not print special ID survey codes on all receipts to avoid often feedback related to a small work period
  • you are eligible to enroll no more than 78 times within a 3-month period

About Walmart

Walmart Company History

It is necessary to mention that the Walmart founder was kept in history thanks to a valid club called the “Sam’s Club” which, in turn, is a part of the main company.

According to the founder’s wishes, the first store was started as a closed market with an unbelievably huge range of available products in the middle 90th. In general, the SamsClub entry conditions were rather democratic. As the club was so popular among “community members», so “Daddy Sam” decided to make it accessible for everybody.

We can surely state that Walmart Company occupies the TOP list of the most successful US companies. Just imagine, it owns more than 10,000 branches in almost 30 countries worldwide.

This fact can be easily argumented by looking at its annual incomes that range about 600 billion dollars. Some economists say that Walmart stocks bought a few decades ago is a kind of golden ticket nowadays.

Moreover, this market giant has an excellent customer feedback policy. The company offers all customers to take a kind of surveys regarding the services and products of the company. The store chain rewards them with a chance to win significant cash prizes that can be spent on goods. Similar to Michaels Stores  survey.

According to the sweepstake conditions, customers may get a 100-dollar/1000-dollar worth winner gift card. The company usually publishes winner lists on its official online resources so that people know about their gifts.

As a result, the company is constantly improving its services and products and has an incredibly huge number of satisfied customers around the world.