About Applebee's

A great number of awarded prizes per week or month will give you a chance to win. For example, weekly prizes can involve about 39 winners of $100 as a prize whereas nine-month winners will get $1000.

Applebee’s Survey Details

What do you need to win a weekly prize in size 100 dollars and a monthly one is 1000 dollars? First of all, purchase any product in our chain, secondly, do online entering, thirdly, do not worry if you have already entered. Our system is unlimited in entering.

www.TalkToApplebees.com Homepage

Below you can find some information about the survey homepage.

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How to Enter the system:

  1. In order to use the system, you need to own a valid receipt from an Applebee’s restaurant.
  2. Secondly, be confident that you locate the code.
  3. Thirdly, follow the link talktoapplebees.com.
  4. Fourthly, using the receipt code, enter the system.
  5. Then finish the survey and give your feedback about the Applebee’s work because it is very important for us to know them so as to improve our service.
  6. Finally, when you finish all the steps mentioned above you will be congratulated to be entered the system.

N.B. This operation can be done as many times as you wish. The only condition is to have a valid receipt.

How to enter the system with no purchase

The only way to enter the system without purchase is by mail. Firstly, write your first and second name, a dress, zip code, email and date of birth on 3X5 sheet of paper and mail this letter in a business envelope to the Applebee’s. The Applebee’s address is PO Box 6047 Dept. 39638, Douglas, AZ 85655.

Eligibility and rules to participate in TalkToApplebees

  1. Only residents of Columbia and the US can take part.
  2. Participants must be 18 or more.
  3. People whose relatives work for Applebees are not allowed to take part.
  4. Drawings are held every month.
  5. Winners will be chosen randomly.
  6. Winners will get to know about their winning by email or mail.
  7. The list of winners can be found on www.talktoapplebees.com.