This article is useful for the category of people who have significant problems with credit rating and lending services. We are reviewing a Horizon Gold card in order to help you gain the trust of American lenders and get rid of the difficulties associated once and for all. 

Horizon Gold card

It is not worth building illusions that this card will make real tycoons or credit sharks out of unreliable consumers of credit services. This financial instrument is a life-saving tool for everyone who cannot be approved for cards of other issuers due to the low credit rating.

  • the card does not offer you a huge amount of bonuses, reward programs, etc.
  • it is used only in a limited list of stores which we will discuss later
  • incredibly simplified verification procedure for applicants and their further approval
  • the only initial credit limit is set for all

Why is it worth choosing Horizon Gold card despite all the pros and cons?

Among all the advantages, I would like to note the fact that the card is directly connected with American lending agencies. The main feature follows from this – it sends a report on your financial success automatically after the next 30 days of holding the card (the procedure repeats). Thus, you improve your credit confidence and open up new opportunities for serious purchases.

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All The Facts You Should Know About The Horizon Card Outlet

To begin with, you need to determine the scope of use of this financial tool in your daily life. Firstly, the card can be used as a payment tool only in the Horizon Outlet store chain.

Horizon Gold card Login

This chain specializes in selling various products via the Internet. Thus, you will be able to utilize this type of card to purchase:

  • Various items for home and garden (decoration items, furniture, dishes)
  • Clothes for any family member (fashionable shoes, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.)
  • Sophisticated accessories and jewelry
  • Vehicle details and interior trim
  • Pet products, clothing (belts, collars, toys)

** You can find more information on products in stock at


One of the major advantages is the simplest procedure for obtaining a card. The company does not require applicants to submit any documents confirming their employment and the availability of a steady income to pay off debts. Most of the similar cards, by the way, cannot boast of such characteristics.

  1. Moreover, the credit limit that you are offered is much more than other types of cards with this level of confirmation ($ 500).
  2. The issuer will not check your financial resources
  3. Zero APR value

** There is a fixed annual fee of $ 300 (monthly commission is approximately $ 25)

  1. Round the clock Customer Support which can solve any issues associated with your card
  2. A high level of protection against hacking
  3. The card has various discounts included (for example, discounts on various medicines that can reach more than 35%)
  4. You will be allowed to experience lots of services related to solving legal problems. Also read about Rebate.

** This is a very useful service as you have the opportunity to contact a professional lawyer by phone and get answers to your questions within 30 minutes for FREE.

  1. Rather simple applying procedure which takes no more than a few minutes
  2. The right to use the assistance services in case you are stuck during the trip (you have the right to order the services of a tugboat and to be towed at least a 15-miles distance for almost free)

It is very difficult to say whether these advantages can overcome its disadvantages. We must familiarize you with all the characteristics that may convince you not to apply for this card.

  • Remember that for late payments you will be required to reimburse the bank $ 25
  • This card will also charge you completely unconventional fees (this way you will pay for the authentication of your billing information and delivery of goods to your home)
  • You will be required to pay the issuer $ 5 for registering an online account Activate My Card Service

** The only one obligatory condition — you have to be at least 18 y.o.

To go through this procedure you will be required to enter a certain list of details. Therefore, you will have to fill in all empty fields with your new card number, email you use on a regular basis. A zipcode related to your address of living is also required.

Horizon Gold card Details

After you fill out the activation form with all the data that is required of you, click the “Activate” button and wait until notification of successful activation appears. Next, you will be charged an activation fee.

Congratulations! You have completed this procedure and now you can use your Horizon Gold card to purchase the goods you need and improve your credit profile in parallel.

To experience all the services and online tools offered by the issuer you have to open its official web portal (horizon and select an appropriate login page. Then the website will ask you to provide login credentials to access card account (online management can be easily made via any PC or modern smartphone/tablet). Hera about How to login United Airlines Flying Together.